Andreas Brietzke

Andreas Brietzke

There is one thing the great Herb Lubalin and our very own Andreas Brietzke agree on: most design innovation is driven by advances in technology. This is one of the reasons why Andreas is always the first to explore innovative technologies.

For him as a designer, technology provides the tools to tell his story. He likes his toys shiny and new and has little time for technophobes: “Imagine a joiner who is scared of using a saw.” Once he gets his hands onto some new software, no feature will be left uncovered, no programming stone left unturned.

Andreas applies the same inquisitive discipline to any design task. If one can divide the world roughly into skaters and diggers, Andreas is most definitely a digger, drilling down into the depths of a design problem until he finds a solution that is satisfying his exacting standards.

Photograph Deniz Saylan