Ana Maria Tavares at Museu Vale

Ana Maria Tavares at Museu Vale

For her solo exhibition at the Museu Vale, Brazilian artist Ana Maria Tavares has transformed the gallery space into one large installation. Her latest work continues to examine the themes of tropical nature and architecture in the context of the modern movement in Brazil.

Thomas Manss & Company’s visual identity for the exhibition is inspired by the work "Loos's Wall with Paradise" dominating the space with its eye-catching black and white stripes. Applied to signage and promotional items the stripes create a powerful and instantly recognisable image for the show. Complemented by the neon green exhibition title the graphics hint at the central themes of nature and artifice, purity and contamination that are close to the artist’s heart.

Client information

Fundação Vale

Vale is a global mining company with headquarters in Brazil and operations in more than 30 countries on five continents.

The aim of the Vale Foundation is to contribute to the economic, environmental and social development of the regions where the mining company operates. The Foundation's activities focus on education, health, employment, culture and sports.