Infocus - FH Brandenburg Magazine

Infocus - FH Brandenburg Magazine

Infocus is the official magazine of FH Brandenburg and its name is its mission: each issue centering on an overarching editorial feature complemented by a series of articles about the various faculties, research, development, student life and the most recent university projects.

As part of an all-encompassing identity programme for the university, Infocus was given an editorial as well as a design make-over. Not only is it clearly a member of the family of rejuvenated FH Brandenburg publications, it also seduces the reader with plenty of playfully choreographed entertainment revolving around one of the simplest design elements there is – the humble square.

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Fachhochschule Brandenburg

Fachhochschule Brandenburg was founded in 1992 and is based in former army barracks on the outskirts of Brandenburg an der Havel west of Berlin. 3000 students are currently studying for their Bachelor and Master degrees in three courses – technology, economy as well as computer science and media.

50 international partnerships with universities in Europe and overseas are testimony to Fachhochschule Brandenburg's programme of global cooperation in research as well as teaching.