Vivité Identity Programme

Vivité Identity Programme

Day in day out doctors all over the world face the dilemma of having to make medical judgements on behalf of their patients without knowing anything about their medical history. With its online accessibility, Vivité's health document tackles this problem head on – wherever you might be in the world.

At the heart of the Vivité identity lies the Thomas Manss & Company designed monogram with its unambiguous medical connotations – important not only when it comes to communicating with potential clients, but even more so in a medical emergency.

The identity not only comprises applications like website, stationery and other printed matter, but also the user interface of said health document. A series of specially designed icons aid intuitive navigation as much as they are contributing to the instantly recognisable character of the Vivité brand. They even grace the company headquarters with their poster-size presence.

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Vivité is a web based health document for people who wish to have access to their medical history wherever they are and whenever they need to.

It is Vivité's aim for every person to have their own personal health passport, that contains all relevant medical data, is updated with every check-up and results in an individual health profile that is stored securely online.

The profile is created and continuously maintained by Vivité's medical team and is accessible globally.

Dr. Eckhard Löhde

Dr. Eckhard Löhde is consultant for micro-invasive surgery. His core expertise is the operative treatment of hernias and ruptures of the diaphragm.