The Crime Museum Uncovered Exhibition

The Crime Museum Uncovered Exhibition

The Museum of London’s exhibition of the Metropolitan Police’s unique ‘Crime Museum’ collection is certainly not for the squeamish. The largest section of ‘The Crime Museum Uncovered’ charts notorious murder cases. In others you will find drugs, abortion and armed robbery.

Despite all of the morbid and grisly evidence GuM’s exhibition design and Thomas Manss & Company’s graphics manage to lend ‘The Crime Museum Uncovered’ a modern and even uplifting air. Architecture, colours and typefaces combine to present the collection in a contemporary light that offers visitors ‘a jolly old time’ according to one critic.

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The Crime Museum

The Metropolitan Police Service is the largest force in the United Kingdom. Widely known as ‘the Met’, it is responsible for law enforcement in Greater London.

The idea of the Met’s crime museum was conceived by a serving officer in 1875 with the intention of giving police officers practical instruction on how to detect and prevent crime.

The collection contains an extensive selection of weapons, all of which have been used in murders or serious assaults in London. Together with myriad pieces of evidence, the cases document the changing nature of crime and go on public display for the first time in the Museum of London’s exhibition ’The Crime Museum Uncovered’.

Museum of London

The Museum of London traces the social and urban history of the world’s greatest city. It is an amalgamation of the Guildhall Museum, founded in 1826, and the London Museum, founded in 1912. Both collections came together in 1976 to form the new Museum of London.

The museum holds the largest archaeological archive in Europe and continues to occupy its original building. A second public site, the Museum of London Docklands opened in 2003 and is housed in a Grade I listed warehouse at Canary Wharf.