Fedrigoni Hotel Book

Fedrigoni Hotel Book

To create that elusive home-from-home feeling, hotels go to great lengths to indulge their guests: from the lavish brochure to a personal note on arrival, from restaurant menus to shampoo packaging, every impression counts. 

It is surprising how many of these little treats are made from paper. It is not at all surprising that many of them miraculously have made it into your luggage when returning home after a luxurious stay away. We have collected all the cherished items that frequently 'go walking' in a limited edition book for the Italian paper manufacturer Fedrigoni.

Client information

Fedrigoni Cartiere

Fedrigoni Cartiere is a specialist paper company targeting the communication graphics and converting industries. Since its foundation in 1888, Fedrigoni has specialised in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper products.

While this remains very much at the heart of the business, the company continually creates new paper processes and technologies that satisfy the ever changing aesthetic and technical demands of the market.