Oxford PV Website

Oxford PV Website

When Oxford University spin-off Oxford PV commissioned Thomas Manss & Company to redesign the firm’s website, the aim was to leave behind the start-up mentality of yesteryear and reflect the company’s new-found status as the darling of the most forward thinking architects and energy producers.

The site gives the audience an insight into the pioneering development of perovskite solar cells, destined to revolutionise Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) as well as commercial solar panels.

With its bold and colourful graphics and its trademark responsive design, the site oozes the same enthusiasm and infectious optimism you will undoubtedly catch when reading the latest efficiency statistics that have astounded the solar cell community.


Client information

Oxford PV

Oxford PV started life as Oxford Photovoltaics, a spin-off from Oxford University, that has set-out to right all the wrongs of existing solar power technology: high cost, dependence on toxic materials, short life cycles and complex manufacturing processes.

Building on ground-breaking research by Dr. Henry Snaith and his team of scientists, the company’s solar cells are screen printed directly onto glass and can easily be integrated into a building's facade or cladding in applications known as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

Little wonder that the world's most forward thinking architects and energy producers are amongst the firm's staunchest supporters.