Gerhard Richter Portraits, National Portrait Gallery

Gerhard Richter Portraits, National Portrait Gallery

In 2009, the National Portrait Gallery London held an exhibition of portraits by the German painter Gerhard Richter some of which had never been presented before. The exhibition focused on the early black-and-white paintings derived from magazine titles, and portraits from Richter’s private environment. A painting of his daughter was used as the key visual for the exhibition and featured on the catalogue cover, posters and invites.

The typographic treatment of the catalogue reflects the combination of discipline and expression that characterises Richter's work and provides an unobtrusive stage for his paintings.

The book has been awarded a Red Dot Award and has been nominated for The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. The country’s highest distinction in the field of design, it is also known as the ‘award of awards’. Entries cannot be submitted directly but are selected from winners of other national award schemes.

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