ATeNe Dictionary

ATeNe Dictionary

The traditional role of the corporate brochure was to promote a company and its products and services, respectively – a function that is today performed much better by the company's website. The information on the web is easier to access, more up-to-date and cheaper to distribute. For ATeNe the role of printed literature has been thoroughly rethought. The ATeNe dictionary turns a promotional tool into an ever-present resource for members of staff and clients alike. Every expression that is relevant to ATeNe expertise is explained and referenced. The result is an object that is simply too useful to be thrown away.

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ATeNe is a consultancy specialising in innovation and technology. The organisation performs a dual role in order to marry investment and innovation: on the one hand ATeNe advises technology companies and innovators on planning, finance, implementation and marketing, on the other, the consultancy provides analysis, studies and reports about the potential of innovations and technologies to public and private investors.