IDZ Annual Report

IDZ Annual Report

Every year, the IDZ commissions one of their renowned members to design the Annual Report, based on the most important event of the year. The highlight for 2003 was the publication of Designszene Berlin, IDZ's quantitative study of the regional design industry, encompassing a 344-page compendium with over 1000 entries. Thomas Manss & Company supplied the visual feast to the study's facts and figures by asking approx. 40 designers about their favourite locations in Berlin. These inspiring places were visually documented by photographer Johanna Ruebel and form a special kind of map of the city, spread across the entire yearbook. They encompass the essence of what it means to work and live in a stimulating and creative metropolis. By including the address details next to the images, this publication becomes "the most useful annual report ever" according to one designer recipient.

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IDZ Internationales Design-Zentrum Berlin

The association was set up in 1968 as an international meeting point for culture and industry 'to enhance the design of manufactured products'.

The IDZ organises design related events and offers advisory activities for its members, as well as relaying work opportunities to qualified designers.

Their reference library contains more than 10,000 important publications from the area of design including graphic design, communication design, interior design, architecture, marketing and corporate identity.