Salon 2007, Kulturverlag Polzer

Salon 2007, Kulturverlag Polzer

Salon is an annual magazine that is published as a companion to the events of the Salzburg Festival.

The publication's name was inspired by the famous gatherings of artists, musicians and writers organised by Max Reinhardt during the 1930s. Much like Reinhardt's salons, the magazine provides a stage for cultural discourse. In addition, Salon features behind the scenes analysis and an insight into the production of the performances at the Festival.

The bilingual layout of the magazine, with its playful typography and generous imagery, is a perfect match for the richness and diversity of the event. Features, essays and commentary present artists, musicians, writers and photographers with their reflections on the Festival theme: The nocturnal side of reason.

Client information

Kulturverlag Polzer

The cultural roots of Kulturverlag Polzer were established in 1946 when the Polzer family founded the ‘Ticket Office Polzer’. Over more than fifty years the firm grew to become the largest vendor of theatre tickets in Western Austria.

Today, Kulturverlag Polzer publishes ‘Salon’, the magazine for the Salzburg Festival, the regional culture magazine ‘Highlights’ and series of selected book titles ranging from Leopold Mozart's ‘The Art of the Violin’ to Daniell Porsche's lyrics.