Arjo Creative Papers

Arjo Creative Papers

Creative Papers is a collection of improbable objects to catch the attention of busy creatives, providing unlimited opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of six leading text and cover brands in one promotion. In a departure from conventional paper promotions, the papers were used not just as a printing surface but as an integral part of the design: the “umbrella for dry countries" embosses the Keaykolour board to suggest rain, while a flattened “dry" patch suggests the effectiveness of the umbrella; feltmarked Yearling papers provide the table cloth background for “executive cutlery"; painted floorboards created by the “multifunctional buggy" exploit the texture of the Keaykolour card. Overall, the tongue-in-cheek treatment actively demonstrates the potential of the range.

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Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers

Arjo Wiggins is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of technical and creative papers. Established worldwide, in Europe, the Americas and Asia, the Group develops and markets products focusing on two sectors: image enhancement and security protection.