Fabriano Cocktail Visual Book

Fabriano Cocktail Visual Book

Swatches are to the paper industry what the Oxo cube is to cooking – useful but hardly inspiring. The visual book for Fabriano's Cocktail range combines a 'waterfall' swatch of all the papers in the range with printed samples to impresses its designer audience with an altogether more entertaining take on this everyday print item.

For a start it is presented in a card slip case, with a cloth spine suggesting the permanence of a cherished book. With its intoxicating mix of colours, the 'waterfall' of papers has been turned into an illustration of the Cocktail moniker. The printed samples that follow use the story of a night out to show off myriad printing techniques including litho printing, silk screening, thermography, foiling, embossing and die cutting. This paper promotion is arguably the best way to enjoy your cocktail without the fear of a hangover.

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Cartiere Miliani Fabriano was founded in 1264 and is unique in the paper industry. The company has driven the development of quality papers for centuries and is credited with the invention of the watermark.

Producing exclusively uncoated wood-free papers, the company has become a market leader in office papers, security and banknote paper, drawing papers for students and artists, paperboard for printing and packaging, and paper for special editions.

Fabriano is one of the most respected and recognised brand names in Italy. In order to promote the brand to a wider audience including foreign visitors, three shops in Milan and Rome were set up to sell the Fabriano Collection of fine stationery items.