Cannon Bridge House Signage

Cannon Bridge House Signage

The wayfinding scheme for the newly refurbished Cannon Bridge House in the City of London was part of a complete rebranding of the development and presented a few challenging opportunities. Whilst signs in the entrance and reception areas had the glamorous task of making good first impression, the task of routing staff and visitors around the building began in earnest in the first floor Atrium. Two banks of lifts at opposite ends had to be signposted with a single sign, which meant that the sign had to point at a destination behind the visitor. A sculpture of rotated cubes not only performed the task perfectly, it also provided a welcome feature for the space.

Client information

Cannon Bridge House

Cannon Bridge House is an office development situated on the north side of the Thames just above Cannon Bridge rail station. The development provides office space and catering facilities to the European Stock Exchange and other financial institutions.

In 2006 the building was extensively refurbished by the American developer Jeffrey Goldberger.