Chelsfield Environmental Report

Chelsfield Environmental Report

Publicly limited companies have increasingly realised that it is no longer enough to publish their financial reports at the end of the financial year. Property developer Chelsfield has acknowledged its public responsibility by issuing an Environmental and Community Report illustrating the company's policies and achievements when it comes to community regeneration and general environmental issues. Each core policy is illustrated by a case study featuring one of Chelsfield's major projects around the UK.

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Chelsfield was established in July 1986 under the direction of Elliott Bernerd and is regarded generally as one of the more energetic and successful property companies quoted on the UK stockmarket.

The group is engaged primarily in central urban property development and investment. Recently, Chelsfield was chosen by London & Continental Railways as their partner for the development of the Stratford city in East London.

The company sees this as an opportunity to create a new metropolitan centre which will help shape subsequent development, not only at Stratford but across East London as a whole.