EDSA Website

EDSA Website

On first acquaintance, the EDSA website is just that – a website that introduces the company and an impressive selection of more than 200 projects, all displayed beautifully on whatever device you might be using. Although some pundits say iOS and Android are just like IE6 of yesteryear, with their stifling dominance of the mobile market, the EDSA site does not discriminate against lesser known operating systems – and you don't have to download any app either. It even greets visitors in three languages including a complete Chinese version – all 50,000 words of it.

Dig a little deeper, and the site reveals another layer altogether. It is also an online presentation system that allows Principals to compile their individual presentations in order to impress potential clients. Once logged in, you can add projects or any other piece of content to your presentation basket and sort them in order of preference. The presentation is then delivered in the browser with full screen images in high definition quality.


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Founded in 1960 by the late Edward Durell Stone Jr and with completed projects on six continents, EDSA has become one of the most influential practices for master planning and landscape architecture.

Today, the company is run by ten principals, each with their own dedicated team and a portfolio that is characterised by its diversity and a single minded dedication to improving people's surroundings.

The company's projects have received more than 250 awards for their innovation as much as their ability to stand the test of time.