O Carnaval de Pixinguinha

O Carnaval de Pixinguinha

“O Carnaval de Pixinguinha" is a joyful tribute to Alfredo da Rocha Viana, Jr., better known as Pixinguinha (1887 - 1973) and arguably Brazil's most famous composer, arranger and instrumentalist.

The immaculately presented box set contains 25 arrangements of historic carnival music from Brazil including polca-choro, maxixe and choro. In addition to 20 well known recordings from 'Carnaval de Velha Guarda (1955) and 'Assim é que é…' (1957), there are also 5 unreleased arrangements from the same era.

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Moreira Salles Institute

The Moreira Salles Institute is a distinguished not-for profit organisation founded by the ambassador and banker Walther Moreira Salles in 1992 that has since evolved into one of the cornerstones of Brazil’s cultural life.

Dedicated to the research, collection and promotion of the visual arts, music and national literature, the institute's collection includes works by Marcel Gautherot, Pixinguinha and Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

With its locations in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais it does not only promote its own collection but curates exhibitions with important international artists, which have featured Saul Steinberg, Robert Polidori and Frederico Fellini in the past. Its magazines Serrote and Zoom specialise in art and photography respectively and their online radio station Batuta broadcasts a variety of Brazilian music.