Knabenchor Gütersloh Logotype

Knabenchor Gütersloh Logotype

Unlike most men, the logotype for this boys choir can multi-task. It not only performs the usual task of giving the organsation a face, it also acts as a concert poster. Because of budget constraints the choir cannot print dedicated posters when touring the country. Instead the logo is pre-printed as a poster and the concert dates are applied locally. Because of its dual role, the logotype is treading a fine line between being recognisable as a shape and being legible as a piece of typographic information.

Client information

Knabenchor Gütersloh

Knabenchor Gütersloh e.V. is an initiative of the Music Academy North-Rhine Westphalia and the Church in Gütersloh. 65 boys from the age of 6 to 13 perform under the expert guidance of Ernst Leopold Schmid and Sigmund Bothmann.

At the invitation of the German Goethe Institute, the choir first presented its musical programme during a concert tour to Turin in 2007.