Benjamin Britten Exhibition

Benjamin Britten Exhibition

The Red House in Aldeburgh has long been a magnet for music lovers and Benjamin Britten connoisseurs alike. Housed in Britten's former home, the exhibition offers visitors an insight into the life of one of Britain's most celebrated composers. The addition of a new archive building designed by architects Stanton Williams was the trigger to rethink the entire exhibition experience from the orientation system around the grounds and the reception welcoming visitors to the display of the collection's prized exhibits.
Exhibition designers GuM and Thomas Manss & Company collaborated in breathing new life into Britten's story through a revised interpretative narrative, a contemporary display of the historic treasures and accompanying literature that provides in-depth information on Britten's life and work.

Client information

Britten-Pears Foundation

Britten-Pears Foundation is committed to promoting the legacy of the British composer, Benjamin Britten and his partner, the tenor, Peter Pears.

Based in Aldeburgh where Britten and Pears lived and worked, the foundation is an important supporter of Aldeburgh's and East Anglia's cultural life, organising the Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts as well as preserving Britten's collection of works and his former home – The Red House.

In addition to it's cultural efforts, the Britten-Pears Foundation encourages the interest in Britten and holds performances and events to develop a better understanding of the composer's works and vision.