Gerhard Richter Sils, Ivorypress

Gerhard Richter Sils, Ivorypress

Art book publishers Ivorypress are best known for their sumptuous limited edition artist books. Sils opened a new collection of small-format artist’s books published by Ivory Press. With a cover concept by Thomas Manss & Company each volume is designed by the artists themselves. 

Sils, originally designed by Gerhard Richter and presented as a trilingual edition, includes photographs taken and painted-over by the artist, as well as texts by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Peter André Bloch.



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Ivory Press is the publisher of limited edition books containing original works of art by modern and contemporary artists.

Each Ivory Press title is the product of a unique creative exchange between the artist and the publisher. This partnership is complemented by the contribution of writers whose literary standing or close connection with the artist adds a further dimension to the books, increasing their collectability.