Bettine-von-Arnim-Gesamtschule Logo

Bettine-von-Arnim-Gesamtschule Logo

In the past the logo of the Bettine-von-Arnim-Gesamtschule – a comprehensive school in the German town of Langenfeld – combined the defining feature of its architecture, a glass pyramid, with the initial A of its namesake, the German writer Bettine von Arnim.

Following an internal review of the school’s communication and the development of a new slogan, the revised logo adds the core value, that sets the school apart from many of its competitors, to this mix: the joy of learning.

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The Bettine-von-Arnim-Gesamtschule is a comprehensive school that prides itself on its holistic approach to primary and secondary education. The school is based in the Rhenish town of Langenfeld not far from Düsseldorf.

Every aspect of the school has been carefully designed to support the individual development of each student, from the design of the school buildings around a central campus to frequent cooperations with experts from politics, economics, culture, sport and the social sector.

A two-year review of the school’s entire communication by an internal working group culminated in a new slogan that summarises the three pillars of the school’s teaching philosophy: Lernen–Leben–Lachen (Learning–Living–Laughing).