Matthias Berg

Matthias Berg

Matthias met Thomas at college, a few years after his mother had warned him that he would get himself into hot water with all his bold talk. She was naturally delighted when she learnt that he had turned potential trouble into a thriving career, earning his money as a copywriter in advertising. 

5 years and 50 awards later, he was appointed the youngest member of the German Art Directors Club and one of the youngest ever Executive Creative Directors of advertising giant BBDO.

After a further ten years running agencies and collecting airmiles he returned to his roots – and to Thomas. He continues to live his nomad life as a strategic consultant, creative director and copywriter. In addition, he runs the renowned Hamburg School of Ideas – one of the leading colleges for advertising writers. 

Armed with his laptop, he works in his favourite places in Hamburg, Zurich and obviously with Thomas in London. To find out more visit