Oxford PV Symbol

Oxford PV Symbol

Oxford PV is revolutionising solar power with its development of perovskite thin film solar cells, printed directly onto glass.

The company’s mark visualises the process of collecting energy and what appears at first sight to be a coarse screen generated by the silkscreen printing process turns out to be a much more scientific albeit ‘hidden’ representation of the firm’s pioneering perovskite technology.

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Oxford PV

Oxford PV started life as Oxford Photovoltaics, a spin-off from Oxford University, that has set-out to right all the wrongs of existing solar power technology: high cost, dependence on toxic materials, short life cycles and complex manufacturing processes.

Building on ground-breaking research by Dr. Henry Snaith and his team of scientists, the company’s solar cells are screen printed directly onto glass and can easily be integrated into a building's facade or cladding in applications known as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

Little wonder that the world's most forward thinking architects and energy producers are amongst the firm's staunchest supporters.