First Sensor Identity

First Sensor Identity

Following an acquisition, First Sensor celebrated its new name with a visual identity to match. The company wanted to send out a strong signal to customers and business partners alike that exciting developments were afoot. 

Revolving around a newly developed symbol, the identity was designed to be easily used as an endorsement for any member of the group. 

Applications of the all-encompassing programme range from the give-away at the launch event to the corporate headquarters and from print materials to the company website.

Client information

First Sensor

First Sensor is a group of highly specialised companies offering a full range of tailor-made silicon PINs and avalanche photodiodes, position sensors and optoelectronic modules for use in medical, industrial, military/aerospace, security and automotive markets.

In addition, the group develops a wide ranges of measuring systems for the life science, medical technology, engineering research and industry.