Ability International Symbol

Ability International Symbol

A pair of cupped hands with fingers spread in butterfly form symbolises the freedom and helping hand which this charity extends to disabled people. Ability set up appropriately equipped leisure facilities which are then franchised. A set of guidelines ensures that while the branding is strong, there is a degree of flexibility.

The holding companies, Ability UK and Ability International of London, use the mark in blackcurrant and scarlet, while satellite operations are invited to adopt a colour combination of their choice.

The Ability design works on one of the basic principles of corporate identity, namely that a memorable mark can be a mechanism for transferring goodwill. In this instance, the credibility of Ability’s holding companies act as an endorsement for the individual facilities, while the good practice of the independent centres boost the reputation of the group.

Client information

Ability International

Ability is a charity committed to providing inclusive, accessible, and diverse leisure opportunities. The charity particularly focuses on the inclusion of people who have special needs arising from a disability, learning difficulty, mental health problem, or long term illness, and those close to them.

Resources provided by Ability include gymnasia, complementary therapies, counselling, nutritional help, arts and craft displays, expeditions, and adventures.