Dr Löhde Website

Dr Löhde Website

Visitors to Dr Löhde's website usually have a specific condition: the specialist for micro-invasive surgery has developed dedicated treatments for inguinal and diaphragmatic hernias. For many years the two treatments have been communicated using separate websites with the result that they both top their search result listings.

To safeguard this remarkable achievement, the new web presence builds on the same principle. Three dedicated sites with a common design create a unified user experience whatever the starting point, yet each site is devoted to a specific topic: inguinal hernias, diaphragmatic hernias and an introduction of the clinic and its facilities.

Client information

Dr. Eckhard Löhde

Dr. Eckhard Löhde is consultant for micro-invasive surgery. His core expertise is the operative treatment of hernias and ruptures of the diaphragm.