Meoclinic Identity

Meoclinic Identity

The identity for Meoclinic is far removed from the minimalist attitude usually adopted by high-tech medical facilities. The elegant calligraphic Phoenix at the centre of the Meoclinic identity would be equally understood as a symbol for a luxury hotel. Moreover, the symbol is a universal expression of rejuvenation, purity and confidence.

Heraldic and hand crafted, the Phoenix emphasises that personal service, comfortable surroundings and the well-being of guest-patients are paramount. With mythological counterparts in most cultures, the Phoenixs values are readily understood by the international clientele which the clinic aims to attract.

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Meoclinic is based in Friedrichstadt (Berlin's equivalent of Harley Street) and is a facility for the practice of high-end medicine. Housed in a luxurious building by IM Pei, the architect responsible for the glass pyramid at the Louvre, it provides the sumptuous surroundings of a luxury hotel – complete with Eileen Grey furniture, highly trained staff and operating theatres with leading-edge equipment which doctors hire as the need arises.