Art & Ideas, Phaidon Press

Art & Ideas, Phaidon Press

Phaidon's Art & Ideas series is a survey of major artists and movements around the world. Unlike many art books, Art & Ideas is as much about the written word as it is a visual feast. Thomas Manss & Company developed the designs for six of the Art & Ideas volumes.

Within the instantly recognisable format of the series, each book assumes its own identity using different typefaces, colours and chapter openers.

When it came to designing the volume about Conceptual Art, this presented a conundrum: Which colour do you choose for an art movement that is all about ideas rather than a particular style? The solution was true to the topic, it was the colour of Thomas's suit when he was asked to make the decision.

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Phaidon Press

Phaidon Press is an international publisher of books on the visual arts with offices in New York, London, Paris and Berlin, and distributors worldwide.

Phaidon has a long and distinguished history as an art book publisher. The company was founded in Vienna in 1923 by Dr. Bela Horowiz and Ludwig Goldscheider and named after "Phaedo", Socrates' pupil who spoke on the immortality of the soul. Their key objective was to deliver quality books at affordable prices.

Today, Phaidon books are recognised worldwide for the highest quality of content, design, and production. They cover everything from art, architecture, photography, design, performing arts, decorative arts, contemporary culture, fashion, and film.