Arups on Engineering, Ernst & Sohn

Arups on Engineering, Ernst & Sohn

Arups on Engineering is a compendium of engineering knowledge accumulated since the Ove Arup & Partners' inception in 1946. In thirty essays the leading lights of this global practice cover a wide range of topics from engineering design first principles through simulating acoustic environments to designing offshore platforms.

The design structures this wealth of information and provides a coherent envelope for all the diversity of thinking and pictorial material.

Client information


Founded in 1946 by the consulting engineer Ove Arup, Arup's clients include today virtually every architectural practice of note.

Best known for its involvement with many of the high profile buildings of the post-war years, Arup has made a name for itself in many other aspects of engineering from roads and bridges to indestructible flasks for transporting nuclear waste.

The multidisciplinary approach to design springs in part from Arup’s ownership structure. The firm is owned in trust on behalf of its staff. The result is an independence of spirit that is reflected in the firm’s projects as much as and in its pursuit of technical excellence.