CAS membership pack

CAS membership pack

The Contemporary Art Society membership pack targets three discreet audiences: novice collectors, collectors of contemporary Art and Patron, collectors that would like to get more involved with the artists and their works.

Each target group is being addressed with their own piece of literature. Not only are these differentiated by their colours – dayglow orange for new collectors, red for contemporary collectors and copper for Patrons – they also come in three different sizes.

When they are assembled in the Contemporary Art Society pack, they not only explain the offerings and benefits, they also portray the diversity of the organisation and the art it is involved with.

One of the key benefits for members is access to emerging artists and curators at the annual Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibitions.

Client information

Contemporary Art Society

Founded in 1910, the Contemporary Art Society exists to encourage the appreciation and understanding of contemporary art and to develop public collections and collectors in the UK. The Society is a national membership organisation, including contemporary art enthusiasts and collectors, curators and artists, commercial galleries and a nationwide network of regional museums and art galleries.

For 100 years, the organisation has acted as a catalyst in the contemporary visual arts, developing audiences, artists, curators, collectors and collections alike. The Society played a unique and visionary role, donating more than 8,000 works to institutions in Britain, where they are enjoyed by audiences of tens of millions.