Fedrigoni Project 16

Fedrigoni Project 16

Project 16 is no ordinary paper promotion. Italian paper manufacturer Fedrigoni and Thomas Manss & Company joined forces to bring together 16 of the world's leading book designers and 16 of the finest papers available for book production. The aim was to turn 16 sections, with 16 pages each, into a must have item for designers and publishers alike. Material choices and elaborate production techniques combine to create a showcase that instantly becomes an object of desire.

The first of two volumes was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 and features Dutch Studio Joost Grootens, Germany's Rainer Groothuis, Italy's Elyron, the Spanish duo Sánchez/Lacasta, Lebanese designer Kameel Hawa, Frédéric Teschner and Wijtntje Van Rooijen & Pierre Péronnet from France and Thomas Manss & Company's contribution inspired by Edwin Abbott Abbott's Victorian novella ’Flatland’. This satirical take on the English class system equates each class to a geometric shape – a designer's read if ever there was one.

Client information

Fedrigoni Cartiere

Fedrigoni Cartiere is a specialist paper company targeting the communication graphics and converting industries. Since its foundation in 1888, Fedrigoni has specialised in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper products.

While this remains very much at the heart of the business, the company continually creates new paper processes and technologies that satisfy the ever changing aesthetic and technical demands of the market.