Károly Keserü, Papertiger, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Károly Keserü, Papertiger, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Papertiger was the first solo show of Károly Keserü solely dedicated to works on paper. Apart from his trademark graphite and ink drawings there was also a selection of works that did not involve any other medium than the paper itself: the folded, crumpled, embossed, punched and punctured pieces show a playful side of this Hungarian artist.

With processes that are stock of the trade for any book designer taking centre stage in the artworks, the catalogue is an exercise in designer's restraint. Much like a Gentleman's clothes should never be a talking point, the grey cloth cover provides the perfect entree into a world where the medium becomes the message.

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Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art originated from a project space on London’s Church Street, Patrick Heide Art Projects, which opened in 2004. The initial group of contemporary artists formed the basis of today's ever growing gallery programme of international artists including Minjung Kim, Alex Hamilton, Károly Keserü, Thomas Kilpper, Francesco Pessina and Nicola Rae.