Minjung Kim Catalogue, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Minjung Kim Catalogue, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

"There are no short cuts to any place worth going." This pearl of wisdom by the late American soprano Beverly Sills perfectly summarises the catalogue for the Korean artist Minjung Kim. Although she represented her chosen homeland of Italy at the Venice Biennale with an installation, the artist is best known for her unique 'paintings' that are meticulously built up of countless layers of singed Korean rice paper.

The catalogue of forty of Minjung Kim's most recent works displays the same dedication and attention to material detail. Natural cover stock from France, Italian art paper and dividers made from the very rice paper the artist uses for her paintings have been skilfully combined to form a catalogue that was judged by the gallery owner to be 'very Minjung Kim'.

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Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art originated from a project space on London’s Church Street, Patrick Heide Art Projects, which opened in 2004. The initial group of contemporary artists formed the basis of today's ever growing gallery programme of international artists including Minjung Kim, Alex Hamilton, Károly Keserü, Thomas Kilpper, Francesco Pessina and Nicola Rae.