Paula Garrido & Bossa Décor Symbols

Paula Garrido & Bossa Décor Symbols

Paula Garrido not only runs her own interior design studio she is also a vocal member of Bossa Décor – a social media channel dedicated to design, art and life style.

Thomas Manss & Company was tasked with working its magic on a brief calling for two distinct marks that would be memorable in their own right, but also illustrate the common driving force behind the two ventures.

The simple rotation of the mark for Paula Garrido Design & Interiores transforms the initial 'p' into the 'b' of Bossa whilst also revealing the upper case 'D' of Décor. A head turning discovery if ever there was one.

Client information

Paula Garrido – Design & Interiores

A biologist by training the twists and turns of Paula Garrido's professional life led her to a career in interior design.

Applying her scientific methods and sensibilities Paula's projects rationalise budget and space requirements in order to promote the quality of life and well-being of her clients.

Paula shares her extensive research and the resulting ideas and inspirations at Bossa Décor – a forum for design, art and life style she maintains together with other design professionals.