Tadao Ando, The Colours of Light, Phaidon Press

Tadao Ando, The Colours of Light, Phaidon Press

The Japanese architect Tadao Ando is known for the light, colour and atmosphere of his spaces and his beautiful juxtaposition of materials. Working without the aid of artificial lighting, Richard Pare’s photographs distil this to present the essence of each building.

The design treatment, with its detailed and considered approach, complements the architecture as well as the images. Diversity is created by “fold-out” pages – gate folds and single folds – in a plate section and page layouts which mirror the synergy of broad strokes and detail that characterise both the architecture and the photographic images.

A deliberate change of paper stock is used to marry context and content: high quality, semi-matt paper for the plate section echoes the photographic paper used by Pare; Japanese style hand-made papers provide an appropriate backdrop for Ando’s drawings, and a grey uncoated, textured stock is the fitting medium chosen for the technical section at the back of the book.

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