Tate to Tube Signage

Tate to Tube Signage

To guide visitors from Southwark Tube Station to the Tate Modern Thomas Manss & Company implemented an ingeniously simple scheme. Tube passengers arriving at the station were told to follow the specially painted orange lamp posts lining the route to Southwark's landmark art venue.

The infrastructure for the scheme was in place and what could have been a very difficult task was solved with a bucket of paint.

Client information

Southwark Council

Southwark Council is the governing body for one of London's most historic boroughs and the capital's fastest growing tourist area. Major attractions like Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe are all based within the borough's boundaries. The council offers a diverse list of services, aiming to achieve sustainable improvements to the long-term quality of life in the borough and always thriving to 'make Southwark a safer, greener, cleaner, better place to live'.