The Art Fund Annual Review

The Art Fund Annual Review

The Art Fund Annual Review comprehensively illustrates the work of Britain's leading arts charity. It shows all the works of art the fund has helped to purchase by giving grants to museums and galleries. It also features the works of art it has received as gifts or bequests. Each painting or piece of sculpture is reviewed in depth by a curator or art critic, making this publication a valuable resource for members of the fund and art lovers alike.

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The Art Fund

The Art Fund is Britain's leading independent art charity. Formed in 1903, it is committed to the goal of enriching and preserving the public collections of art in museums, galleries and historic properties throughout the UK. The Fund gives grants towards the purchase of works of art of all kinds and periods, and distributes the works of art it receives as gifts or bequests.

The Fund has more than 100,000 members.