VEM sistemi Vehicle Livery

VEM sistemi Vehicle Livery

As part of the ongoing identity development for Italian IT provider Vem Sistemi the livery of the company's vehicles was redesigned. The fleet is used for emergency call outs and is key to the company's business continuity offering: technicians have to attend any problem at a client's site within 2hours.

For its clients the Vem Sistemi IT emergency service is similar to an ambulance attending a medical emergency or the police attending an incident. The vehicles' design reflects the urgency with a high visibility pattern and seen from the upper floors of a client's office there is no doubt who has just arrived – the VEM logo dominates the car's roof with its edge-to-edge presence.

Client information

VEM sistemi

VEM sistemi is an Information and Communication Technology firm offering IT and telephone infrastructure as well as network management services.

With offices in Forlì and Milan VEM sistemi has focussed its activities on government organisations and commercial enterprises in Northern Italy.