Alex Hamilton, Works - 2009, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Alex Hamilton, Works - 2009, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

"It is the structure of our spaces rather than our language which keeps us sane." This Merleau-Ponty quote has not only inspired much of Alex Hamilton's work. Its influence can also be seen in the design of Works – 2009.

The catalogue presents seven series of drawings on a matt art paper neatly divided by what appears to be a single sheets of a warm grey textured material. The design and production acrobatics necessary to achieve this seemingly simple structure inflicted a bout of insanity on designers and printers alike.

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Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art originated from a project space on London’s Church Street, Patrick Heide Art Projects, which opened in 2004. The initial group of contemporary artists formed the basis of today's ever growing gallery programme of international artists including Minjung Kim, Alex Hamilton, Károly Keserü, Thomas Kilpper, Francesco Pessina and Nicola Rae.