Bachchor Logotype

Bachchor Logotype

The most minimal of design interventions turns the grace of the Torino typeface into a logotype with easily discernible musical overtones – entirely appropriate for a choir dedicated to the music of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Revered for his intellectual depth and technical command, Bach is generally regarded as one of the key protagonists of the Baroque era and as one of the great composers of all time.

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Bachchor Gütersloh

Bachchor Gütersloh was founded 1946 by Eduard Büchsel and soon built a reputation for its concerts and recordings. Sigmund Bothmann took over the choir in 1992 and revitalised the Bach repertoire as well as the heritage of other European composers.

The choir has collected awards at the Westfälischen Musikfest 1994, Europäisches Chorfestival 1996, Rheinisches Musikfest 1999 and Landes-Chorwettbewerb Nordrhein-Westfalen 1997 in Wuppertal. At the German National Choir Contest Deutscher Chorwettbewerb 1998 in Regensburg Bachchor was awarded a third prize.

In addition to three CD recordings of J.S. Bach, C.A. Cartellieri, P. Hindemith and I. Strawinsky, Bachchor has recorded 35 concerts for broadcasting.