Booktailor Logotype

Booktailor Logotype

When talking about books the received understanding is that of a finished, printed object ever since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing process in the 15th century.

However, the Booktailor name suggests otherwise; introducing a bespoke element into what is generally regarded a mass produced item. The company's travel guides can be tailored to the individual needs and interests of the traveller online and will be delivered as a unique printed item.

The Booktailor mark conjoins these two disparate concepts thus making a feature of the firm's offer.

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Booktailor was the first publisher to offer customised travel guides via the Internet. On the Booktailor website, customers could select their destination, then chose the content of their personal guide from a wide reaching database of information. From their selection, the company produced a ringbound book.

Thomas Manss & Company created the booktailor mark and the format and layout for the travel guides, taking into account the constraints of a database generated publication.