HighTechCenter Babelsberg Identity

HighTechCenter Babelsberg Identity

The identity was inspired by the Babelfish, according to Douglas Adams', Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy a tiny fish you put in your ear in order to understand all the languages of the world. Examining the Center's capital letter, a typographic discovery lead to the final design: the fish is in the C.

The fish itself provides such a strong focal point in that there is no limit to the expanse of sea that surrounds it. This has made it perfectly adaptable to a range of applications; from business cards and letterhead, to promotional packaging and folders.

Client information

HighTechCenter Babelsberg

The Babelsberg studios, privatised in 1992, have been dedicated to the film industry since the turn of the century. Classics like Marlene Dietrich's 'The Blue Angel' and Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis' were made there. Under Communist administration, it was also home to the state-owned DEFA studios.

The HighTechCenter is part of a masterplan to turn the film studios into an international media city. The Center provides state of the art production facilities for directors, camera operators and actors, and offers digital services and training. The Center is at the leading edge of world film and television production, providing a media pool to production companies.