Laserbureau Identity

Laserbureau Identity

At first glance Laserbureau’s identity is an eye-catching pattern of random words. A closer look reveals the firm’s services embedded in the text. By manipulating colour, pertinent information is highlighted: the name on a business card, a service on the letterhead or a special offer on promotional materials.

With this in-built flexibility, the identity enables the company to promote its constantly changing services without undermining the overall brand. The permutations of the “identity that talks” are unlimited and both client and designer took great pleasure in exploring the possibilities. At one stage, for example, the identity was used, suitably modified, as a billboard poster, an apt advertisement for Laserbureau’s new one-off billboard printing service.

Client information


Laserbureau is a twenty-four hour bureau in the centre of London serving the creative industry. The company produces everything from the desktop publishing, repro, printing to finishing, giving its customers access to state-of-the-art printing and processing technology.