Neri Logotype

Neri Logotype

The original Neri mark with its traditional serif typeface and leafy ornament was steeped in the company's historic focus on cast iron lamps. When a product and identity review repositioned the firm in a more contemporary fashion, the task was to keep as much of the equity that had been built up in the existing mark, yet present a truly modern face to what is arguably one of the most discerning audiences: architects and designers.

The letter shapes of the Thomas Manss & Company designed logotype hark back to the classical proportions of the letters found on Rome's Trajan column. The quest for continuity satisfied, the mark goes about captivating its designer target with a clean sans serif style.

Client information


Neri is a manufacturer of urban lighting and furniture based in Emilia Romagna. Founded in 1962 by Domenico Neri, the family firm is today led by the third generation of the Neri family.

The company is best known for its urban décor culture and its unrivalled archive of cast iron products, which can be found in cities around the world from Venice to Paris and from St Petersburg to Dublin.

Even its contemporary collection displays a deeply rooted commitment to urban lighting and furniture that is not only functional but also adds to the beauty of our surroundings.