Neri Website

Neri Website

When the third generation of the founding family took over this Italian firm best known for its classical lighting and urban furniture, a new range of contemporary products sent a strong signal to city planners, architects and designers that Neri is changing.

The website, developed as part of an all encompassing identity programme, introduces the evolving world of Neri with its research and development facilities, classical and contemporary products as well as showcasing the contribution the company has made to urban surroundings around the world – from Paris to St Petersburg and from Venice to Dublin.

An unusual 'mosaic' feature gives instant access to a wealth of information and allows an intuitive exploration of the visuals on offer whether the web visitor arrives by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Client information


Neri is a manufacturer of urban lighting and furniture based in Emilia Romagna. Founded in 1962 by Domenico Neri, the family firm is today led by the third generation of the Neri family.

The company is best known for its urban décor culture and its unrivalled archive of cast iron products, which can be found in cities around the world from Venice to Paris and from St Petersburg to Dublin.

Even its contemporary collection displays a deeply rooted commitment to urban lighting and furniture that is not only functional but also adds to the beauty of our surroundings.