Neri 50 Years Anniversary

Neri 50 Years Anniversary

50 years is an important milestone for any company and Neri SpA has decided to treat the anniversary not as an arrival, but a new departure. 2012 is not just celebrated with the obligatory anniversary  publication, but also with a new visual identity, a series of new products, a new catalogue, a new website, a new magazine and a great return to the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt .

The logo that commemorates the past 50 years is inspired by the product that has made the company's fortune and will grace all communication materials with its presence in the months to come. It will make its first appearance on a photographic documentation of the greatest moments in the history of Neri: from early sketches of the founder Domenico Neri and the first painting facility to the opening of the offices in Kiev and Singapore as well as the recent launch of  products designed by Japanese designer Makio Hasuike.

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Neri is a manufacturer of urban lighting and furniture based in Emilia Romagna. Founded in 1962 by Domenico Neri, the family firm is today led by the third generation of the Neri family.

The company is best known for its urban décor culture and its unrivalled archive of cast iron products, which can be found in cities around the world from Venice to Paris and from St Petersburg to Dublin.

Even its contemporary collection displays a deeply rooted commitment to urban lighting and furniture that is not only functional but also adds to the beauty of our surroundings.