Pascual Gomez Identity

Pascual Gomez Identity

What started as the passion of one man has created so much demand that Pacual Gomez felt it was time to put his stamp on his wine making efforts. The PG monogram is inspired by the oak barrels that lend the wines their characteristic depth and identifies the ‘La Toba’ and ‘El Ciprés’ wines as close relatives despite their distinct differences.

‘La Toba’ takes its name from the material of the cave in which the wine is stored for ageing while the ‘El Ciprés’ label pays homage to the generous gift of a family friend: a cypress that graces the wine maker’s garden in the Spanish village of La Cabezuela.

Client information

Pascual Gomez

Turning your passion into a profession is not always a guarantee for success or even lasting pleasure.

That is why Pascual Gomez went the opposite way: a winemaker by training, he turned his back on industrial scale production and indulges his passion by making wines almost exclusively for friends and family.

With a large family of seven brothers, countless nephews and a large circle of friends sharing the fruits of Pascual’s labour, annual production has steadily risen ever since he started experimenting with casks, grape varieties and wine-making techniques to create his two favourite wines: El Ciprés and La Toba.