UGO Certification Identity

UGO Certification Identity

"What the Oscar is for the film industry, UGO is for responsible innovation.“ That was the rationale behind Thomas Manss & Company's name for CISE's certifcation scheme targeting companies with an outstanding track record in sustainable and responsible innovation.

UGO is not one of the many anonymous acronyms that litter the technology sector, instead UGO is a character. And a likeable character at that. At the end of the initial presentation one of the female members of the audience asked the first question: "Is UGO married?"

The scheme has since been adopted by Unioncamere, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, and will be rolled out nationwide.

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CISE (Centro per l’Innovazione e lo Sviluppo Economico) is a special branch of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena promoting innovation and economic development.

One of the core activities of the organisation is the development and implementation of company certification schemes for social accountability (Lavoro Etico), responsible innovation (UGO) and family friendly establishments (In Famiglia).