Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg Posters

Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg Posters

The initial brief from VBB stemmed from the necessity having to guide visitors around their corporate headquarters close to Berlin Zoo train station. A desire to brighten up the foyer at the same time sparked the idea of a multi-purpose promotion which can be used for visitors and VIPs and as a campaign for members of staff. A poster campaign was devised to help raise the profile of VBB. There are forty posters on the theme of “intelligent thinking”. The quotations at the centre of each poster came from the staff at VBB, invited by the designers to participate in the campaign. The quotes are illustrated with bold graphic visual puns.

Client information

Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg

Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg (VBB) is an organisation which gives the Berlin's transport system its cohesion. While transport in and around the German capital is the responsibility of a number of different, independent service providers, VBB enables citizens to benefit from agreements on fares, timetables and routes.