Vitsœ Planning Guide

Vitsœ Planning Guide

The Planning Guide is the second step in a three step approach to bringing order to your home or office with Dieter Rams' 606 Universal Shelving System. Once the product literature or a visit to the Vitsœ website have convinced you that the product is a flexible companion rather than a piece of racking, the planning process begins in earnest. The Planning Guide is an educational tool that illustrates the myriad possibilities the system offers and helps Vitsœ novices and aficionados alike to take advantage of them.

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Vitsœ (pronounced 'Vit-sue' and frequently spelled Vitsoe) is a furniture manufacturer named after the company's Danish founder, Niels Wiese Vitsœ.

Vitsœ have been producing their core product, the 606 Universal shelving system, ever since the designs of Braun designer Dieter Rams were first launched in 1960. At that time, the aim was to produce a simple and timeless product and the system remains largely unaltered today. This makes it easy for clients to add to a system they may have bought more than fifty years ago.

The company's ethos is deeply rooted in the belief that the only way to transcend fashion is to design something that is relevant and meaningful rather than the flavour of the month.